Dr. Chris Lechner

Doctor and Outdoor Adventurer

Dr. Chris Lechner is a renowned North Carolina surgeon with a passion for the water, where his adventures in long-distance swimming and paddleboarding provide lessons on life, spirituality and nature.

“Water has defined my life. The lessons I’ve learned from exploring our world, from challenging my limits and from chasing my goals have meaning for people of all walks of life,” Chris says.

Chris' adventures including swimming Fontana Lake, paddle boarding the French Broad River and attempting the remarkable feat of a solo swim across 90 miles of Lake Michigan. He enjoys telling the tales of his water adventures, from describing his observations to discussing his training to imparting the things he’s learned along the way.

These adventures complement his successful career as an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgeries, including a high-profile procedure to rescue the hand of a teenager injured in an automobile accident.

Based on a lifetime of water living and career success, Chris offers lessons on motivation, goal setting, healthy habits, spiritual renewal and “River Magic.”

“Take the world in wide-open and fearlessly and the world will take you in wide open and fearlessly and it’s colorful beautiful people will open their arms to you.”
Dr. Chris Lechner

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